• Caffeine : 69.30 mg
  • Amphetamine : 22.70 mg

WARNING : high

This pill contains a high dosage of MDMA which may create undisirable side effects. Use with caution.

This pill contains a medium dosage of MDMA. Check dosage guidelines and side effects before proceeding.

This pill contains a low dosage of MDMA and is generally safe for consumption.

This pill contains an unknown dosage of MDMA which may create undisirable side effects. Use with caution.

This pill does not contain MDMA and may cause undisirable side effects. Avoid using or use with extreme caution.

Test Date:Sep 11, 2021
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Color: Pink
Other Names: Shamrock; Clover
weight: 459.7 mg
Size: 10.00 x 4.70
ID: 11247
Data Source: SaferParty.ch
Tested by: Mobile Unit
Lab's ID: SP:202109-17
Caffeine 69.30 mg
Risk of overdose: unknown
Amphetamine 22.70 mg
Risk of overdose: unknown

Caffeine: Elevated heartrate, increase in cognitive abilities, physical agitation, panicked thinking, racing thoughts, uncomfortable bodyload.

Source: Tripsit.me

Amphetamine: Muscle spasms, palpitations, loss of appetite, headaches, nausea, intense activity of the masticatory muscles (teeth grinding, "chewing flash") as well as shrinking of the penis and erectile dysfunction due to the severe narrowing of the blood vessels can occur. Depressive moods, anxiety, paranoid emotional states, restlessness, irritability, nervousness and sleep disorders can occur. Many users report that they become more aggressive than usual under the influence of amphetamines (especially in combination with alcohol).

Source: Tripsit.me

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